About Us

Youth Entrepreneurship Support Hub (YES-Hub) is a youth led initiative that promotes entrepreneurship among marginalized youths. YES-Hub provides basic training in business development skills and essential entrepreneurial leadership training through its Youth Entrepreneurship Training Programme.

One of the notable accomplishments of YES-Hub is its role in fostering job creation and economic growth. By providing entrepreneurs with access to entrepreneurship training, growth plans, and funding support, YES-Hub has empowered individuals to establish and grow sustainable businesses.

Moreover, YES-Hub’s dedicated support has helped many entrepreneurs secure the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) grant. By guiding them through the application process and providing necessary resources, YES-Hub has facilitated the success of numerous entrepreneurs in securing funding for their business ventures. This has not only provided financial support but has also given entrepreneurs the confidence and resources to transform their ideas into viable products and solutions that address pressing issues.

In addition to its training and funding support, YES-Hub also compiles global opportunities for youths and provides access to funding for organizations. This comprehensive approach has made YES-Hub a valuable resource for young entrepreneurs in the country.

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