Subject: Vacancy: postdoctoral position – Cultural heritage, mobile livelihoods, and climate change

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher in our newly funded project on Cultural Heritage in Motion: Indigenous Knowledge and Mobile Livelihoods in Changing Climates (CuHeMo). CuHeMo is a collaborative project with Wageningen University, University of Vienna, Mahidol University, Vienna Institute for international Dialogue and Cooperation, the Andaman Sea Gypsies Association, CREDETIP, Deltares, Double Bind Media, the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center and Network, and the University of Amadou Mahtar Mbow.

As a consortium, we aim to examine the role that cultural heritage plays in climate change adaptation, drawing from climate sciences, social sciences, and indigenous ways of knowing. We do so with a focus on indigenous groups whose livelihoods have historically been mobile, specifically pastoralists and fishery communities in Thailand, Ethiopia, and Senegal.

This postdoctoral project will concentrate on the case of Senegal, and will support in the coordination of the full consortium. The position is funded by the Netherlands Scientific Organisation, as part of a collaboration between the JPI Climate, JPI Cultural Heritage and the Belmont Forum. For more information please see:

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