Looking for comprehensive information on #humanrights? Here is a curated list of 36 essential topics

1.Civic space and human rights defenders
2.Democracy, right to participate and the electoral process
3.Digital space and human rights
4.Freedom of assembly and of association
5.Freedom of expression and opinion
6.Business and human rights
7.Climate change and environment
8.Coercive measures
9.Education and cultural rights
11.Land and Housing
12.Poverty, the right to food and social protection
13.Right to development
14.Sustainable development through human rights
15.Water and sanitation
⚖️ & –
17.Children and youth
18.Freedom of religion
19.Indigenous peoples
20.LGBTI people
23.Older persons
24.Persons with disabilities
25.Racism, xenophobia & intolerance
26.Gender equality and women’s rights
⚖️ &
27.Administration of justice and law enforcement
28.Death penalty
30.Disappearances and executions
31.Slavery and trafficking
32.Terrorism and violent extremism
️ &
34.Conflict prevention, early warning and security
35.Humanitarian emergencies and conflict situations
36.Transitional justice and post-conflict peacekeeping

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