Global Media Peace Awards: A Commitment to a Peaceful Future

Deadline: 30 August 2024

The Executive Education HEC Montréal, in collaboration with Pale Bleu Dot Foundation – Japan, is launching the Global Media Peace Awards to encourage and support peace-building efforts on a global scale.

These awards will recognize the contributions of radio and television broadcasters, digital media experts and citizens, public and private, in conflict prevention and resolution. In three distinct categories, these awards will honor excellence in radio, television, and digital media. They firmly believe in the vital role of media in influencing societies to address global challenges and promoting peace.


Encourage media journalists and producers to promote peace and sustainable development through innovative media programs highlighting the significance of peace keeping, conflict prevention and conflict resolution.

Inspire the general public, young people in particular, about the importance of peace-making, mutual understanding, commitment to preventing crises as well as solidarity for resolving conflicts and safeguarding the planet.

Foster the capacity of media creators and producers to engage themselves in peacebuilding and sustainable development.

Showcase the originality and importance of the subject – conflict prevention and resolution – and its treatment, which must be reflected in the innovative and impactful approach of the programs.

Award Categories

The Awards are presented to the most innovative and remarkable radio, video/television and digital programs/ contents/ stories focused on the proposed topic, with the intent of encouraging high-quality program production.

Considering relevant storytelling on peacekeeping as the main topic of the Awards, the accepted media genres in this competition are documentary, reportage, and docudrama. News programs and radio drama will also be accepted for these Awards. The theme / message of the story/ program should be on conflict prevention or conflict resolution.

Three cash prizes will be awarded in each of the following 3 categories:

Radio Awards

1st Award: C$ 5,000

2nd Award: C$ 2,500

3rd Award: C$ 1,500

Television Awards 

1st Award: C$ 5,000

2nd Award: C$ 2,500

3rd Award: C$ 1,500

Digital Media Awards

1st Award: C$ 5,000

2nd Award: C$ 2,500

3rd Award: C$ 1,500

Eligibility Criteria

Executive Education HEC Montreal and Pale Bleu Dot Foundation- Japan Media Peace Awards are open to all public and private media organisations. The Awards are also open to individual content producers.

All radio, TV and digital media programs produced or co-produced in any country and broadcast between January 1, 2023, and January 30, 2024, are eligible for entry to these Awards. The programs will be accepted in the competition only once.

Each participant can submit one (1) entry, either reportage, documentary, or docudrama, of a maximum duration of 52 minutes. Entries must be free from any political propaganda or intentional commercial advertising.

A program made in co-production by two or more organisations may only be entered in the competition by one of the co-producing organisations, on the basis of a written agreement with the co-producers.

For more information, visit HEC Montréal.

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