GLFx Chapter Network 2025 Call for Applications

GLFx is an opportunity-making network for local organizations, community-oriented and grassroots initiatives, referred to as GLFx chapters, transforming landscapes from the ground up and advocating for policy change.

From planting native trees to implementing regenerative agriculture, facilitating public dialogues and creating their community-led solutions, GLFx chapters are at the forefront of change in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through the GLFx network, chapters leverage opportunities and partnerships for networking, learning, exposure to the media and global events, and access to seed funding for sustainable and inclusive landscape management.

Meet our current chapters here.

To apply, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the GLFx platform. This will allow you to learn about what other chapters are already doing.
  2. Prepare answers to the application questions below; make sure to have them ready for the third step. 
  3. Fill out the online application form.

Before you apply, make sure to prepare by addressing the following points and questions : 

  1. Make sure that the person applying will be the focal point throughout the whole application process.
  2. Gather any relevant links to your organization’s website or social media accounts. Kindly verify they are correctly added to the form.
  3. Provide basic information about the organization profile and provide further details on:
    1. The area and context where you work. (<100 words)
    2. The issues you are tackling with your organization (<100 words)
    3. The intended impact of your organization (<50 words)
    4. Two to three main activities the organization is carrying out (<100 words)
    5. Your organization’s core team members (<100 words)
    6. How your organization promotes diversity and inclusion (<100 words)
    7. Your organization’s partners  (<50 words)
  4. Tell us why you would like to become a GLFx chapter. (<200 words)


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