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The Vegan Society Grants Programme will open for applications from Monday 1 July and will be open for one month, closing on 1 August. Here are some things to consider before applying:

The programme is very competitive and in order to have the best chance of being successful you must read the guidelines and the FAQs very carefully. The panel will reject applications that do not meet the criteria so it’s important to read about this before making your application.

We require applicants to apply four months or more before the start date of their project so that there is time for us to read, assess, and award your grant. We are offering grants of between £1000 – £5000, this is a larger bracket from previous years which means we will be awarding to fewer projects whilst hopefully supporting some higher impact projects to take place.

Please ensure that you read our FAQ’s carefully and the project guidelines; this will ensure you have the best chance of being successful in your application. Successful applications are vegan-centric, have considered their audience carefully, have a well-planned budget, and are planned by people within the community that they intend to work with. Take a look at some examples of successful projects for your inspiration.

Apply via the green button below from 1 July.

Grant application

P.S. Our vision for a more compassionate and sustainable future is possible because of your donations. If you would like to support our work with a one-off or monthly donation, we would be incredibly grateful. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals.

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