Apply Now: The Schwarzman Scholars Program 2025 (FULLY FUNDED MASTERS)

Looking to become a leader and learn about China? Consider the Schwarzman Scholars Programme 2025 at Tsinghua University in Beijing. It’s a one-year fully-funded master’s program that brings together future leaders from around the world.

Tsinghua University is a top-ranking school known for producing influential leaders. This program aims to deepen understanding between China and other countries by nurturing global leaders.

They choose up to 200 people each year based on their academic excellence, achievements, leadership qualities, and records. The benefits include a fully-funded one-year degree scholarship, covering travel expenses, tuition fees, study tours allowance, stipends, personal laptops, course book allowances, and medical insurance.

The program is open to people aged 18 to 28, welcoming both national and international students from diverse backgrounds.

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