Apply Now: Recruitment of Consultant to Develop a Networking Strategy for Young Experts Tech for Health (YET4H)

RFA: Recruitment of Consultant to Develop a Networking Strategy for Young Experts: Tech for Health (YET4H)


Young Experts: Tech for Health (YET4H) is a dynamic and inclusive network working to centre youth rights and perspectives at the heart of the digital transformation for Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Led by youth, for youth, YET4H believes in a world where young people are resourced and empowered to interrogate the status quo in digital health, represent the diversity of youth, and shape more inclusive and equitable paradigms in the global digital health agenda.  YET4H is hosted by Transform Health, a coalition of organisations dedicated to achieving  Universal Health Coverage by increasing access to digital technology and data. The YET4H Coordinator is integrated into the Secretariat (known as the ‘enabling function’) of Transform  Health. YET4H members, who are young adults representing each WHO health region, work across Transform Health’s working circles (which are part of  Transform Health’s network governance model) to offer youth perspectives.

Young Experts: Tech for Health (YET4H) is seeking a qualified consultant to develop a comprehensive youth networking strategy aimed at expanding global reach, strengthening collaborations, and amplifying youth voices in digital health. The consultant will assess the current structures of YET4H and Transform Health, explore adaptable and effective networking models in line with YET4H’s strategic objectives, and create a detailed plan with a focus on sustainability. Additionally, the consultant will develop a suite of partnership engagement tools (detailed below), and establish a monitoring and evaluation framework for our networking model. This consultancy will last for 2 months and requires expertise in youth engagement, project management, implementation, and stakeholder engagement.

Scope of work

The consultant will be responsible for developing a comprehensive youth networking strategy and framework that aligns with YET4H’s mission, vision, and values. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Develop a detailed Networking strategy document that includes network structure, goals, engagement tactics, and a sustainability plan that aligns with Transform Health’s governance structure (nationally, regionally and globally) and YET4H’s mission and values to engage youth effectively.
  • Assessment of current landscape and identify at least three networking models that could be adapted for YET4H’s objectives.
  • Select the ideal model, with input and guidance from YET4H and Transform Health.
  • Using the selected model, develop a youth networking strategy with clearly defined objectives and clear processes for the set up and maintenance of the network.
  1. Based on an analysis of the current YET4H structure and the networking strategy that is to be developed, create a suite of tools to support partner engagement. engage potential partners. An analysis of suitable partner, including:
  • Adapt the TH partnership agreement templates for YET4H.
  • Partner Value Proposition document
  • Document outlining the structure of the network and the opportunities for engagement for various types of partners
  • Any other partner engagement tools the consultant may identify as suitable
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  • Develop metrics to assess the impact and effectiveness of the networking strategy including a suggested frequency to evaluate and potential sources of data for each indicator
  • Propose feedback mechanisms to ensure continuous learning, improvement and adaptation of the strategy

Length of contract

  • 2 Month (July 15th – August 31st 2024), renewable based on availability of funds.

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