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Training in Climate Negotiations in London, UK

NCCC Commonwealth Youth Negotiator Application

The Tenth Commonwealth Youth Ministers’ Meeting (10 CYMM) welcomed the mainstreaming of youth considerations into the work of the CCFAH recognizing the importance of equipping young people with the skills and tools needed to tackle the climate crisis. Ministers also expressed their support for efforts aimed at strengthening the capacities of young people to participate in climate change negotiations and encouraged national delegations for climate negotiations to have youth representatives given their role as critical stakeholders in the international climate discourse. 

This Commonwealth Youth Climate Negotiations Training seeks to meet this CYMM call.

The purpose of the training will be to empower youth so they can better understand climate negotiations and contribute effectively during the negotiations process and related events. The specific objectives of the training would be to:

  • Enhance participants’ understanding of the science of climate change, the mechanisms of international climate agreements such as the Paris Agreement, and the implications of climate policies on communities and ecosystems.
  • Equip youth with the necessary skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and consensus-building to effectively represent their countries and advocate for ambitious climate action at international forums and negotiations.
  • Foster climate leadership qualities, communication skills, and advocacy capabilities among participants, empowering them to mobilize communities, influence decision-makers, and drive positive change in climate-related policies and practices.
  • Provide opportunities for youth from diverse backgrounds and regions within the Commonwealth to network, share experiences, and collaborate on climate initiatives, fostering partnerships and alliances that amplify their collective impact.
  • Encourage participants to develop innovative and context-specific solutions to climate challenges in their communities, leveraging technology, entrepreneurship, and traditional knowledge to promote sustainability, resilience, and adaptation.


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