Apply Now: Merck Research Grant Program 2024 (up to €500,000)

They are offering a series of research grants to stimulate innovative research in challenging areas of future importance. 

Since 2018, we are offering a series of research grants to stimulate innovative research in challenging areas of future importance. Grants of up to 500,000 € per year for up to 3 years have been made available. In 2024, grants are available in the area as further specified below. 

  • Discovery strategies for molecular glue degraders and other protein-protein-interaction stabilizers – 1 grant comprising up to 100,000 €/year for up to 3 years with potential further collaboration
  • Augmented Reality Digital Twin – 1 grant comprising up to 120,000 €/year for 1 year with potential further collaboration
  • AI-Driven Drug Discovery – up to 3 grants comprising AIDDISON software licenses for one year with potential further collaboration

Submission deadline 31 August 2024.  

About the 2024 research grants

This research grants program is open to scientists in all career stages who are affiliated with any research-based institution, university or company.

In the first stage of the Research Grants applications process, applicants submit their application containing non-confidential information only. You may apply for more than one grant or submit your application for more than one category. If your application is successful, you are invited to submit a full proposal under confidentiality and join a deep-dive workshop. All applicants are informed about the decision of the selection committee. 

Deep dive Workshops

The second stage of the Research Grant process is a collaborative step, the deep-dive workshop. Finalists submit their full proposals and then work together with our managers and scientists to jointly optimize submitted project proposals. All teams reaching this stage will be informed in October. The deep-dive workshops are currently scheduled to take place in November 2024. The culmination of the deep-dive workshops will be the selection of the research grant winners.

Research Grant Funding

The third stage of the Research Grants process is the Research Grant funding phase. To enable pay-out and project start, we enter into bilateral collaboration agreements with the winning recipients. Our collaborative Research Grants are a unique opportunity for researchers who are interested in working with our scientists and receive guidance from industry. During the Research Grant funding period, there will therefore be regular meetings with our scientists.

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