Apply Now: International Research Projects (IRPs) Grants

  1. Objectives of the program
    International Research Projects (IRPs) or Projets de Recherche Internationaux (PRI) are thematically and geographically open tools.

The IRPs aim to support a promising existing or emerging partnership by providing the means to scientific projects of excellence and high impact potential, between 2 countries or more, to establish their collaboration in the long term.

The creation of an IRP must demonstrate complementarity between the teams and reciprocal added value for the partners involved.

The ultimate goal is to consolidate a partnership established between an Inserm team and a foreign team (or, depending on scientific relevance, several foreign teams).

There is no geographic restriction but a special attention will be paid to projects with low-income or middle-income countries (LMICs).

The duration of these joint research projects between an Inserm research team and one (or more) foreign research team(s) is five (5) years.

The selected IRPs will be granted – beyond the resources directly mobilized by the participating laboratories – funding of up to: - €60,000 for IRPs in Europe; - €75,000 for IRPs outside of Europe.

  1. Schedule of the call
    Opening : Monday 22nd April, 2024
    Closing : Monday 24th Juin, 2023 5:00 PM

The candidates will be informed of the results in early 2025. The projects will start immediately after this information in 2025.

  1. Documents for the call
    To be consulted :

Call for proposals​​
Evaluation criteria​

To be downloaded and registered on Eva3 platform​ in the final stage of submission:

  • The application form including the scientific project – to be downloaded and completed​
  • A list of relevant scientific outputs of the laboratories – to be downloaded and completed
  • A recommendation of the Head of the laboratory (“DU”) – to be downloaded and completed​

Finally, you will need to provide

  • the CV of each coordinator (French and foreign) and
  • a support letter signed by the foreign coordinator indicating, if applicable, possible funding which could be attributed to the project. ​
  1. Contact

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