Apply Now: Fundación Mujeres por África (FMxA) Science by Women Program 2024 (Funded)

What is the Science by Women program?

The Science by Women program, initiated by the Women for Africa Foundation, aims to empower African women in scientific research and technology transfer to tackle crucial challenges across various sectors such as health, agriculture, food security, water, energy, and climate change. It offers post-doctoral fellowships in collaboration with renowned Spanish Centers of Excellence.

What is the duration of the fellowship?

The duration of the fellowship is 6 continuous months, to be completed within 1 year and a half or 2 years, depending on the host research entity, starting from the date of publication of the final selection of beneficiaries.

Who is elegible to apply for the fellowship?

Elegible applicants must meets the following requirements:

  • Being a woman and have the nationality and residence in an African country.
  • Holding a PhD in the sciences area of expertise.
  • Having a contractual relationship with a university or a public or private organization based in Africa dedicated to scientific research.
  • Excellent academic record and proven track of relevant research experience.
  • Solid working knowledge of English. Proof of English language level will be positively valued.

Beneficiaries of previous editions of this program are not eligible.

What documents are required for the application?

All applications must include the following documents:

  • Motivation letter, with a maximum of 1 page.
  • Full curriculum vitae, in Europass format preferably.
  • Passport or ID document.
  • Letter of support.
  • Research proposal, brief and clear, with a maximum of 2 pages*.
  • Proof of confirmation of the research proposal by the Spanish host entity of choice**.
  • Fully filled in online form.

*All research proposals must be related to the topics and line of research indicated by the Spanish host entity of choice. If you shall choose to apply to more than one (1) host entity, you must adapt the research proposal when appropriate.

**All research proposals must be validated by the Spanish host entity, reason why we facilitate the information of the entity’s contact person. As proof of confirmation, you can upload a confirmation email, letter or any other document that shows the Spanish host entity’s

What are the expenses covered by the fellowship?

Successful candidates will have access to the following benefits:

  • Roundabout flights from their city of origin to their host city.
  • Monthly living allowance of 2600 euros gross per month, to which it is applied a 24% tax. This stipend is to cover accommodation*, personal expenses, and health and emergency insurance.
  • Coverage of visa fees and any administrative costs derived from the visa application process.
  • Possibility of financial aid to participate in seminars or congress during the period of the fellowship in Spain, after appropriate evaluation from the Science by Women program’s team.

All beneficiaries of the Science by Women program are responsible for securing their own accommodation for the duration of the 6-month fellowship stay in their host city.

What are the deadlines for application submission?

Applications must be submitted by September 30, 2024, at 23:59h (Madrid time). Late submissions will not be considered under any

Where can I submit my application?

Applications must be submitted in English through the Science by Women microsite at

Submissions via other channels will not be

I am African, but currently residing in Spain. Can I apply for a Learn Africa scholarship?

No, Science by Women fellowships are intended for African women scientists who have their habitual residence in a country within the African continent. If you have immigrated to Spain and currently reside here, you cannot apply.

Can I apply if I have been a beneficiary in previous editions?

No, individuals who have previously received a fellowship through the Science by Women program are not eligible to apply for the current edition.

If I have already been a beneficiary of a Learn Africa scholarship, can I apply for the Science by Women program fellowship?

Yes. All previous benefeciaries of the Learn Africa program are encouraged to apply to the Science by Women program.

Can I apply for the scholarship if I am missing some documents?

No. When applying for the scholarship, make sure to have all the necessary documents ready for attachment.

See Rules and Guidelines «3. Eligibility criteria»

How many applications can I submit?

Only 1 application per person is allowed. Make sure you provide all required information and documentation before submission.

Within the application, you may choose to present research proposals to a maximum of 3 different host research entities within the options provided.

Do I have to contact my preferred host research entity before sending my application?

Yes. To apply, it is mandatory that you contact your host research entity of choice and confirm with the main contact person of each entity (see Annex 1 of the Rules and Guidelines) that your research proposal aligns with their area of research and requirements.

Making sure of its alignment improves your chances to become the selected candidate, as you can adapt your proposal to better fit the research entity’s needs.

Proof of confirmation of the Spanish host research entity is a compulsory document in the application process.

How can I know if my scholarship application has been submitted correctly?

Ensure that all required files have been attached correctly to your application for it to be considered valid.

You will receive a confirmation email. Make sure to thoroughly check all folders in your email, including Spam.

I’m having trouble submitting my application online. Can I send the information by mail?

No, only applications submitted through the website are considered for evaluation.

What should I do after applying for the Science by Women program?

You don’t need to do anything; just wait until the results of the call are published on our website. Additionally, if you are selected, we will directly contact you via email.

How are applications evaluated?

Applications undergo a rigorous evaluation process based on criteria such as the candidate’s research career, relevance of experience to the research topic, scientific-technical quality of the project, expected economic or social impact, communication plan for project results, and consideration of ethical issues.

Each Spanish host entity will make the final selection of its candidate based on the aforementioned criteria.

When will the final selection be announced?

The list of finalists will be published by November 29th, 2024.

If I am selected as one of the edition’s fellows, how long do I have to accept the fellowship?

Selected candidates will have thirty (30) days to formally accept the fellowship offer.

When can I start my research stay if selected?

Successful candidates are expected to start their research stays at the assigned host institutions from January 2025 onwards, but never earlier than such date.

If I am not selected, will I be informed?

No. You should keep an eye on our website ( where we will publish the results.

Is it necessary to bring cash with me to Spain?

Yes, it is advisable to bring some money with you to Spain or have a credit card, especially for the first few weeks of your stay when you may have unforeseen expenses and you will not have a working Spanish bank account.

Can I bring my family with me to Spain?

At Women for Africa Foundation, we aim to offer the greatest flexibility, understanding the diverse and particular circumstances of the women applying to the program. Therefore, we do not object to the personal decision of the beneficiaries to travel accompanied, especially by their youngest children.

However, Women for Africa Foundation can only be responsible for supporting the administrative and logistic processes, as well as the economic aid, of the direct beneficiaries of the Science by Women program. Therefore, Women for Africa Foundation, nor the host entity, is obliged to provide such support to any other person or relative of a beneficiary of the program.

We advise applicants to read attentively the complete Rules & Guidelines document before submitting their application.


For further information, please contact the Foundation at:

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