Apply Now: FOGCCAS CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION SUMMIT (Fully Funded to Nairobi, Kenya)

Applications are now being accepted for the FOGCCAS Climate Change Adaptation Summit 2024.  The Friends of the Globe Climate Change Adaptation Summit (FOGCCAS) will be held in Nairobi, Kenya 2024.

It is a three-day workshop bringing together global leaders, students, professionals, and experts to promote climate resilience and adaptation.

The summit will showcase practical solutions and host in-depth discussions on topics such as air quality, energy, food security, and water management.

A group of fellows from various fields, including academia, business, the public sector, and civil society, will participate based on the program’s sub-themes. This initiative aims to equip leaders with the skills needed to tackle the challenges of our rapidly changing world. The FOGCCAS is offering fully-funded, partially-funded, and self-funded seats.

The FOGCCAS conference program will select participants from around the globe, focusing on mid-career professionals. All expenses, including transportation, meals, and accommodation, will be fully covered for fully funded participants. Additionally, partially funded and self-funded options are available for those who do not qualify for full funding.

Apply below:


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