Apply Now: “Art on Climate” International Illustration Competition 2024

Competition Details

Organised by Fingertips Company Limited and sponsored by Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI), “Art on Climate” is a worldwide illustration competition designed to bring greater awareness of effective approaches for combating climate change.

Initially launched in Spain in 2019, the “Art on Climate” competition expanded its reach to the Asia-Pacific region in 2021 and the global world in 2022. The 2023 campaign has drawn tremendous participation, with over 1,600 illustrators from more than 100 locations submitting over 2,800 remarkable artworks. This year, the competition continues its footprints in the Asia-Pacific region, inviting established illustrators and aspiring students to demonstrate their skills and creativity, with the goal to amplify global awareness and inspire meaningful actions on climate change.

AllianzGI has been a pioneer in sustainable investment for over two decades, sustainability is at the heart of our mission and decision making. As signatories of the UN PRI since 2007, we seek investments that align with our sustainability principles and address global challenges. By championing sustainability, we aim to drive positive change in finance and create lasting value for our clients and society. Echoing with the 2024 competition’s objectives, we invite everyone to join us to shape a better future.

Theme of the Competition: Climate Change

Participants are invited to submit original works on the theme of “climate change”. Participants should draw inspiration from one or more of the following topics as a starting point of their artworks:


  1. Any person aged 18 or above*, from any location, is eligible to participate.

*Aged 18 or above on 19 May 2024

Important Dates

  1. Register and upload artwork: from 20 May 2024 to 31 July 2024 inclusive 
  2. Results announcement: winners will be notified by email, and results will be announced on this page by 30 September 2024

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