Apply Now: AI Innovation Grand Challenge

Launched at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai in December 2023 (COP 28), the AI Innovation Grand Challenge is a global open-source AI competition. Hosted by the Enterprise Neurosystem in partnership with the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in support of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism Initiative on Artificial Intelligence for Climate Action (#AI4ClimateAction), the contest aims to:

  • Identify #AI4ClimateAction solutions that drive responsible climate change adaptation and mitigation in developing countries.
  • Support the development & scaling-up of #AI4ClimateAction solutions
  • Raise awareness of opportunities, challenges and risks of the use of AI for climate action. 

Open-source AI applications developed during the Challenge will be considered for distribution through the AI Climate Application Hub, launching in Fall 2024. The Hub will provide free access to approved applications, democratizing the development and deployment of AI to combat climate change globally.

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