Apply: Friends of the Globe climate change adaptation summit ( Funding Available)

Exciting announcement!

Grab your FULLY FUNDED seat to Nairobi Kenya in the friends of the Globe climate change adaptation summit from 21st – 24th August 2024 and be part of a comprehensive conversation around climate change adaptation and Resilience solutions and strategies.

We are welcoming you to exprience the spectacular city of Nairobi, exprience the only national park game drive within a city in the world and be treated to the diverse kenyan culture and heritage.

Remember Kenya is a Visa free country that only requires you to aquire an electronic travel authorization (ETA) Available and accessible online.

You have an opportunity to apply for a FULLY FUNDED slot now, today for the Friends of the globe climate change adaptation summit Nairobi 2024!

Application Deadline: 15th June 2024.

Apply now:


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