Apply for this “Young people, democracy and climate action” Symposium in France (Fully Funded to France)

An invitation is extended to all interested parties to join the “Young people, democracy and climate action symposium” at European Youth Strasbourg, France, on September 24-26, 2024, by the EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership. The Council of Europe Youth Partnership will pay for all participation-related costs.

Concerning the Symposium

Young people are invited to the next symposium “Young people, democracy and climate action” in Strasbourg, France, organised by the EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership. The Symposium’s primary objective is to give the European youth sector a rare chance to talk about the ways in which young people are addressing these issues, the key difficulties and challenges that are arising, and the ways in which youth work, youth research, and youth policy may change and adapt to the ever-evolving setting. The occasion seeks to:

Examine how the climate problem is affecting young people in Europe and the youth sector, taking into account how they are handling the issue and how eco-anxious they are;

Analyse and consider how youth work and policy might respond to the evolving environment;

– Discuss successful strategies for implementing youth policy and engaging young in youth work related to youth climate action;

– Establish connections amongst players addressing these concerns both inside and beyond the youth sector so that their work can be continued, expanded upon, or innovated;

– Highlight the work being done on this subject by the partner institutions, other youth sector stakeholders, and the current Youth Partnership’s research and resources.

The following themes will be covered at the event:

patterns of youth involvement in climate justice initiatives (such as campaigns, tactical lawsuits, etc.);

● Eco-anxiety and other feelings related to the climate;

● Youth work, research, and policy responses to the climate emergency;

The abilities of youth workers and youth organisations to back youth demands for climate justice

The application deadline is May 20th, 2024, and selection results will be announced by early July 2024. Arrival and event days are September 24-26th, 2024.


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