Aply Now: ITET Gem Essay Competition 2024 (up to N300,000 in prizes)

The ITET Gem Foundation’s Annual Essay Competition invites Nigerian youth to contribute to the discussion on Nigeria’s economic future. This opportunity allows young leaders to share innovative ideas and shape the country’s economic agenda.

Nigeria has witnessed substantial economic challenges over the last couple of months and years. Reports and lived experiences of citizens have highlighted unprecedented levels of inflation, sharply rising costs of living, and widespread occurrences of acute hardships by households and individuals across the country. Foreign exchange rates have been characterized by high degree of volatility. Industrial activity and economic productivity have been marred by policy constraints and business environment hurdles, with ripple effects on prices of goods and services. In addition, unemployment continues to be a perennial challenge.

These economic challenges are faced by all Nigerians. But in a country with a vast segment of youth population, the implications of these economic hardships on Nigeria’s young people can not be understated. Nigeria’s young people, as her future leaders, should have a role to play in setting the country’s economy back on the right track. Their voices matter, and must be heard. Their ideas are valid, and must be amplified. As such, this year’s ITET Gem Foundation’s Annual Essay Competition invites Nigeria’s young people to take a seat at the table. We offer a chance for these future leaders, as true gems that they are, to partake in the discourse about Nigeria’s economic present and future. It is an offer to begin to shape Nigeria’s economic agenda, presenting young minds an opportunity to share brilliant ideas and forward-thinking pathways for tackling Nigeria’s economic struggles.

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