Applications Invited for REDAA Programme Grants: Scaling Up Locally Led Restoration

Organization: Reversing Environmental Degradation in Africa and Asia (REDAA)

Apply By: 30 Jun 2024

Grant Amount: 1,000,000- 1,500,000 Pounds

About the Organization

REDAA is funded by UK International Development from the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and managed by IIED via the Scientific and Management Unit.

REDAA is a programme that catalyses research, innovation and action at local, national and regional levels in Africa and Asia, by offering grants and technical support. It is funded by UK International Development from the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and managed by IIED.

About the Grant

REDAA invites proposals for locally led, multi-locational, research-to-action for restoration programmes in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The REDAA programme catalyses research, innovation and action on ecological restoration in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia by offering grants and technical support. REDAA funds initiatives that are interdisciplinary, locally led and focused on solutions for ecosystem restoration, enabling people and nature to thrive together in times of climate, resource and fiscal insecurity.

Grants will fund programmes of four years, with implementation of these programmes expected to begin on 1 February 2025. Grants will be awarded via a two-stage proposal process: Stage 1 for Concept Notes; followed by Stage 2 for Full Proposals. Only applicants who are successful at Stage 1 will be invited to submit Full Proposal s in Stage 2.

Grant Size

In this second REDAA Grant Call, up to nine Programme Grants of between £1,000,000 and £1,500,000 (GBP) will be offered to the best proposals for substantial programmes.


Concept Notes must name one Lead Organization. This will be the organization that will make an agreement with the REDAA team and receive a grant, if the proposal is successful, and will be ultimately responsible for delivery and management of the programme, including management of any partners.
Lead Organizations should be based within one of the six regions that are the focus of Grant Call 2. A minority of programmes with a Lead Organization based outside the region or country of focus may be considered for funding if the proposals provide a strong rationale for why the organization is not in the region, as well as demonstrating strong partnerships with locally led organizations. The Lead Organization should partner with at least one other sub-grantee.
At a minimum, the programme should be structured as a partnership of two organizations (including the Lead Organization) which must include a non-profit research/academic organization and a non-profit action-oriented non-governmental organization.
Programmes may be structured to include more partners than this minimum. In addition to the Lead Organization and the required non-profit sub-grantee, other non-profit organizations, private sector organizations and governmental organizations can programme partners.
Organizations eligible for funding in such wider partnerships include:

Other non-profit organizations, which may be non-governmental organizations, research institutions or community-based organizations
Private sector organizations, businesses or business associations, which may be sub-granted (or contracted via a consultancy agreement) to undertake specific planned actions for the programme, provided this partnership can demonstrate value for money in its costs and benefits to the programme.
Government agencies and inter-governmental and UN agencies are not eligible to receive funding from REDAA. However, these agencies may be vital programme partners, and REDAA encourages in-kind partnership where relevant.

Lead Organizations must be able to demonstrate that they are:

A non-profit organization, which may be a non-governmental organization, research institution or community-based organization that is legally registered in the country in which it operates
Experienced in the kind of work they propose to undertake
Financially sound
Staffed with the appropriate technical and financial capacity and expertise to manage and implement programmes successfully and deliver technical and financial reporting, and
Able to demonstrate proven management systems that can achieve impact with programmes at a budget scale of between £1,000,000 and £1,500,000 (GBP).
Lead Organizations must provide the last three years of audited accounts and details of average turnover (income) at Concept Note stage. The expected annual expenditure of the proposed programme must be no more than 25% of this average annual turnover/income figure.

An organization may only lead on one proposal but may be involved as a non-leading partner in more than one proposal. Country offices of a worldwide entity will be considered as subsidiaries, even if legally registered in the country. Therefore, worldwide entities will be considered as one Lead Organization. The Lead Organization cannot be changed between Stage 1 (Concept Notes) and Stage 2 (Full Proposals).

How to Apply

Closing date for Concept Notes 30 June 2024

The REDAA programme requires applicants to use an online grants management platform called ‘flexigrant’ to submit their applications.
Applications must be submitted by the Lead Applicant. The Lead Applicant will need to register their details on the flexigrant platform before they can begin an application. The Flexigrant Guidance for Applicants provides step-by-step guidance on how to register for an account and submit an application.
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